Mofeed, 36, fled Syria in 2012 with her husband and two sons.  Only months after arriving in Zaatari refugee camp her husband took their six year old son with him back to Syria to register the child.  They never returned to Jordan and have not been heard from since.  She presumes they are dead.  While living in the camp an oil lamp started fire in her home and severely burned her face.

Umzia from Syria is pictured with her granddaughter at her home in Zaatari Refugee Camp in Jordan.  Her family has been separated due to marriage and resettlement.   A former head teacher in Syria, Umzia continues to give private tuition at her caravan in the camp, which she shares with two of her children.    Her husband received the option to resettle in Germany and is now living there.  Unfortunately, the rest of the family was not allowed to go.  Her daughter, an artist whose drawing is hanging on the wall behind Umzia, returned to Syria to be with her husband.  Umzia stated that before the war they had a wonderful life.  She said, "My dream was complete."
Saha, 24, is from a family of farmers in Dara, Syria. She neither worked nor studied because she said there were no jobs for women where she came from.  Her village in Syria was destroyed by an airstrike and her cows were shot dead, forcing her family to flee to Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan.   After receiving beautician training at UN Women's Oasis for Women and Girls, she is now working at a beauty salon in Zaatari camp.
Indian transgenders with their friend at a health clinic for transgenders and male sex workers.  New Delhi, India.
Preston Jackson,  artist/sculptor. Peoria, Illinois.
Danny Williams, wild horse trainer. Chenyenne,Wyoming.
Young novice monk. Yangon, Myanmar
Narin, 37, a Yazidi woman from Sinjar, Iraq with her children in Sharia refugee camp in Dohok, Iraq.  Her entire family was abducted by ISIS and taken to Syria.  She was able to find a gun and escape her captors with her children, but her husband was left behind.  She presumes he is dead.  She said her family was approved for refugee resettlement in the US state of North Dakota, where a large Yazidi refugee community resides.  According to the United Nations (UN), more than 5000 Yazidi people were murdered in a mass genocide committed by the Islamic State.   (Name has been changed upon request).
Naz and Ahmad, from Iran are LGBTQ refugees who have been in a relationship for ten years.   Ahmad who is  transgender (female to male) was put in prison and tortured by Iranian authorities due to a gender related issue. Upon his release, they fled Iran and went to Turkey where they applied for refugee status.  They were resettled in Seattle, Washington in 2016.  

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